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Have questions about our service?
Read below for the answers to some of the most common inquiries!...

How can I be sure that the paper I order will help me?
Easily! Take a bit of time to learn about the particular paper(s) you are considering purchasing.  We are so confident in the work that our researchers produce that we encourage ALL students to request a FREE, one page excerpt of any paper they are interested in before they purchase it!!! As our reports are merely ideas supplied by our writers and are intangible items, we do maintain a clear, no refund policy.  Once you order a paper, the order cannot be cancelled and charges will not be refunded.  However, this will never be a problem as long as students email us to request an excerpt of any paper they are interested in.  You can also request the bibliography of any paper you are interested in, to make sure that the sources we have used will assist you within your research constraints.

When can I get my order?
All orders are processed the very SAME DAY!!  All papers will be sent within about 6 hours via YOUR CHOICE of email or fax.  See our order form for details.

I don't have email, can I receive the paper any other way
You sure can!  All papers can be sent by fax or Federal Express also.  If you prefer, you can choose all THREE options to ensure that you receive the paper that you order.  However, email is clearly the fastest and easiest way in which to receive your order.

Where did you get all of these papers!?!
We wrote them!!!  Our company has been doing nothing but creating research papers on tens of thousands of research topics since 1994!  Our combined expertise allows us to provide a greater volume of papers each year than any other company out there! 

How do you define "a page"? 

All papers are guaranteed to contain at least 225 words of text per double spaced page.  We come to that number by using the standard 1 inch margins, Courier 12 font, with regular formatting. We also do not charge for partial pages.  If you ordered a 12 page paper and receive 12 1/2, you are only charged for the 12 that were advertised.  By ensuring that all of our papers adhere to this formula, we are able to ensure that we're all literally on the "same page" regarding how we charge.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept almost any form of payment imaginable.  Customers can pay by MasterCard, American Express, Visa, or Discover if they would like to pay by credit card.  We also offer the choice of paying by cash via Western Union's Quick Collect at any of their stores nationwide. We also allow you to pay by check or money order if you have more time to receive your request. 

I live in Europe, Asia, Africa, or elsewhere, can I still place an order? 
You certainly can!  The internet has made it possible for us to provide papers to customers around the world via email or fax!!!  Even if you request delivery by Federal Express, you can still receive the paper anywhere in the world!!!

Do you offer your papers in any other languages?
Yes we do!  Technology has enabled us to provide our customers with a rough, machine translated version of any of our 50,000 papers in Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese.  Just choose the translation option on our easy to use order forms.  A copy of the paper will also be sent in English as the translations are a bit "rough."

Can I turn in your paper to my professor?
Not if you would like to stay in school!  Any customer that could even consider that as a possibility is not welcome to purchase research from this company!  Students cannot - under any circumstances - use ideas or words originally produced by another writer without properly attributing that writer as a source!  Our papers are to be used strictly as research, for information, and as an example to assist them with creating their own, unique paper.  All information used from our report must be properly attributed as coming from E-Coursework.Com within the students bibliography page. 

If you have any questions not answered here,
please send us an email!

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